The time has come to earn some major money with the most interesting and long term stable BeonPush concept. Become a stakeholder of BeonPush and earn 150% return!

Beonpush has investment in various sectors of the online marketing and in majority trading positions in the Real Time Bidding (learn more about this below). The profit that the company earns from these sources and investments; is shared among the members, paid members will become stakeholders and will receive profit according to their investment. The special offer of this Revenue Share platform is that money from outside is generated and that the company as such is very transparent with a good CEO giving answers to all questions in a very serious way.


BEONPUSH is a company registered in the United Kingdom and Luxembourg and offers private users to invest in so-called „Real Time Biddings“ or also „Real Time Advertising“. The so earned money get´s divided among all people who invested and have got at least one active pack. Each pack earns 150% in Return!

The company has been founded on August 28, 2015 and has over 50,000 members at present (March 2016).

The office headquarter is in Luxembourg in 12, Rue De Bastogne L-1217. The CEO Ferki Demirovski is a very interesting person. According to facebook he is a profile analyst in the European Parliament and is therefore a specialist for figures. He likes  to present himself in front of cameras where he explains the processes of BEONPUSH on the White Board.

BeonPush Investment Packs

Which packages are available for investment and how high is the profit that can be achieved?

All packages achieve 150% and 0,5% to 3,5% is the range of profit of the investment every day from monday to friday. These percentages are even higher depending on the multiplier used and the package volume.

Example: If the profit per day is 2,8% and you have bought a 1000 dollar package, then the calculation is 2,8% x 1,3 = 3,64%. Thus the profit of this day is 1000 x 0,0364 = 36,40 dollar!!

max. earnings per day

min. earnings per day

av. earnings per day

What is Real-Time Bidding?

Real-Time Advertising is a concept which aims at the auction of online-advertising areas. Real-Time Bidding ist he procedure which takes over the auction of such an area. Real-Time Advertising profits from the loading of such a website and immediately determines the winner of the auction. Each Ad Impression is automatically sold to the advertiser with the best offer.

How does the BEONPUSH commission model work?

Let me now explain the most interesting commission model of BEONPUSH. As you will notice the commission model is really attractive and very competitive.

First you may get a unilevel commission and/or direct commission for the first two levels. In numbers this means that you get a commission of 13% for direct referral and 2% commission for further referrals. As you might have noticed, when you Signup as our referral, you get 10% of your investment back!

What are the aims of BEONPUSH?

  1. Permanent increase of capital in order to achieve better positions for even higher profit margins and better earnings for all of us,
  2. In 2016 they will develop a mobile APP which creates a big network enabling us to work from each position and data basis.
  3. BEONPUSH aims to be market leader till 2018 and a worldwide acting company.

Secondly, you may get a binary bonus – I never heard of this from any RevShare company so far. This means you get 10% more starting from the basis above if you manage to have „two teams“. In other words, the sales of the weaker team is remunerated with 10% a day! This results in relatively high income since you may profit from the sales of other people you never sponsored before. Thus you may help each other and create a big „sales network“. Therefore the binary bonus is very interesting for both Networkers and Marketers.

Which payment methods are offered?

Payza and Payeer, whereby Payeer offers direct payment by credit card, bank transfer and many other payment methods.

Is there any Support?

Yes, the Support answers very efficiently within a few hours which is an important indicator for a serious management of the company.

Conclusion BEONPUSH

BEONPUSH has a very innovative business idea with the dealing of Real Time Biddings and is with its good CEO very transparent and innovative. The commissions are very profitable and tailored to the individual users. The business is attractive for both small and big investors due to the high daily profit distributions. Networkers and Marketers also benefit up to a very high level from this business model.

I would like to help each member so I ask you to contact me via facebook or E-Mail so that we can work out the best individual strategy for you. You additionally will get a 10% investment bonus.

Update 11.02.2016

In the meantime Beonpush has expanded and has moved to several offices in Dubai. The new address is Concord Tower, 6th Floor Dubai Media City, P.O.Box 126732, Dubai – UAE. More servers have been installed to increase the website speed. Payments via Payza are working smoothly and without any problems. In the future the support will be improved and direct payment will be possible. We are very proud to be able to pay also during server installation works and that the number of members has increased to nearly 100.000! This is a strong performance in only 6 months since the foundation of this company!